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Affinity Stores LLC is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to bringing high-quality brands and goods to the United States.

The Affinity Stores LLC was founded with the sole purpose of ensuring our clients’ access to high-quality products.

What we do

We conduct extensive research on each brand and its goods to ensure that they are the greatest long-term match for our consumers and resellers.

We have offices in Massachusetts. We also provide wholesale drop shipping services, utilizing our brands’ and other distributors’ extensive shipping choices and several warehouses.

Our Vision

We believe in communal improvement and strive to bring fulfilment via products that enhance your life.

Simultaneously, we are continuously on the lookout for opportunities to cooperate with businesses in order to acquire new items and give you with the greatest possible user experience.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would want to join our reseller program.

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Razia Ahmad

Sales Manager

Bruce Bennett



Marketing Head

Adam Zuke


Catlin Brooke



Product Manager
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